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£6.00 - £8.50

Issue 1 of SINK Magazine captures the passion and joy that is often lost in the modern day political and cultural world. By platforming northern voices we hope to empower the North as a place of wonder and potential, and give northerners a chance to express their opinions, thoughts and creative spirit. 50% of profits went to African Rainbow Family.

Issue 2, 'Intimate' is all about marrying the personal and political through writing and art about sex, love and the body. 'Intimate' is radically vulnerable and explores themes that are essential to empathy and liberation. We are so proud to platform such a stunning collection of art and writing by an incredible group of Northern creators. The issue is over 50 pages on all recycled paper with 50% of profits going the The Survivor's Trust UK to support survivors of sexual violence.

We are offering two different prices for these Issues. The standard price for the Issue is £6.00. The second, higher price is £8.50 and for those who are able to pay more. We have added the extra option in hope that in upcoming issues we will be able to provide commission to our incredible contributors, most of whom belong to marginalised communities. We strongly believe that our contributors should be paid for their work but are currently not in the position to do so as a very small, independent magazine. If you do have the financial means, we would be incredibly grateful if you could contribute a little bit extra to developing our magazine.

PDF/digital versions are also available here